I want it. Will I regret it?

I see woman every day to discuss breast augmentation. Usually these patients have thought about the surgery for a long time before they make the call to see me. I have yet to meet someone who makes the decision on the spur of the moment, or flippantly.


Breast augmentation is a very common procedure and has been so for a number of decades. Increasingly we live in a world of rapid adoption of fads and equally as rapid transition to the next fad. Through it all, women have continued to be interested in breast augmentation.

The majority of the patients I see to discuss surgical options tell me the same thing when we talk about their goals. They want “to feel normal and proportional again”. Most commonly pregnancy and breastfeeding have altered their breasts, leaving them feeling self conscious.

In my mind, this desire is not a fad. Fads are designed to make people stand out in a crowd. When a fad becomes too popular, a new trend is needed for people to stand out again. In contrast, the women I see want to feel comfortable and confident. Most of them do not want to stand out. My view? Self confidence never goes out of style.