What is botox?

What is Botox?

Botox can help you look refreshed and rejuvenated without the need for surgery. Dr. Thomson’s experience will help you achieve the results you want with non-surgical anti-aging treatments.

Botox relaxes the muscles of facial expression, softening the appearance of wrinkles. It is commonly used for problems like persistent crow’s feet, forehead creases and frown lines. The treatment usually takes effect within the first few days and lasts a few months, although this can vary between patients and site of injection.

30 Minutes Botox Consultation

Your Botox injection can be done at the same appointment as your initial consultation and usually only takes 30 minutes for the first appointment. There is usually little to no down-time related to the treatment and it can often be done during the work day with no need for time off work. Occasionally patients need a follow up appointment two weeks after the initial treatment to further refine their results depending upon their goals of treatment.

30 Minutes botox consultation


No Lines or Wrinkles

Botox works to produce a relaxed posture to the muscles of facial animation. If you’ve ever been asked “why you’re angry” or “what’s the matter”, expect to love the results of Botox treatment. Patients love the fact that they look natural following Botox injections. No one notices that there are no lines or wrinkles following Botox treatment, they just notice that you look great without knowing why.



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