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Dr. Thomson is a plastic surgeon

Meet Dr. Thomson

Dr. Chris Thomson, MD, FRCSC, is a Board Certified plastic surgeon who has garnered a reputation for high quality work and exceptional results. Based on years of experience, Dr. Thomson provides honest opinions and advice to patients to allow them to feel confident in their decisions. It is important to him that each patient feels comfortable throughout the process, and he is committed to providing objective recommendations for each patient in order to optimize results.

The effects of my plastic surgery were not just physical, but psychological too. The procedure I chose changed my life. Dr. Chris Thomson was a catalyst in my ability to embark on my passion. After the surgery my confidence skyrocketed. I felt like I could throw myself into any challenge I wanted to chase, without being held back by the stigma I carried for years. Feeling confident is, without a doubt, directly correlated to my current professional success. I quickly discovered that I was not doomed by my genes, nor the pattern of old habits and routines. Dr. Thomson deserves to be applauded for changing lives, not just bodies.
— Stacey


Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can be used to increase the fullness, projection, and balance of breasts through placement of breast implants.

Breast lift

Breast Lift

Over time a woman’s breasts often change shape and size, and lose projection and firmness. A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure used to lift the position of the breast and restore a more youthful position and shape.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is used to remove excess skin from the abdomen and tighten the underlying muscle. This popular procedure results in a flatter, smoother abdomen.


Mommy Makeover

A Mommy Makeover is a combination of procedures, usually a breast augmentation and an abdominoplasty. This offers women a dramatic change in a short period of time, with less overall downtime than if the procedures were undertaken separately.


Botox can help you look refreshed and rejuvenated without the need for surgery. Dr. Thomson’s experience will help you achieve the results you want with non-surgical anti-aging treatments.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers can smooth skin, restore volume, and plump lips with only an office visit. Results are temporary and are a safe alternative to more costly and invasive surgical procedures.

Dr. Thomson did an amazing, life-changing augmentation for me. I was apprehensive at first but he took the time to listen to exactly what I was hoping for, discussed my concerns with me and my results are far better than I could have ever expected. I now feel comfortable and have confidence, which I have never experienced in my life.
— Jenn

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The decision to have cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic plastic surgery

Dr. Thomson understands that the decision to have cosmetic surgery is a difficult one, involving significant financial, emotional and physical investment. With an emphasis on clear communication, he works carefully with you to achieve a complete understanding of your goals. With that understanding, Dr. Thomson develops an individualized plan for you. Dr. Thomson leads a team that sets the bar high for professionalism, empathy and respect. Please feel free to contact his office directly to make an appointment for a free initial consultation with his patient care coordinator, Brittany.