But how long do they last? Do breast implants expire?

Many women I meet for breast augmentation are under the impression that their breast implants will need to be exchanged at ten years from the date of the original surgery. It’s as though they believe there is an expiry date on the implants themselves.

Breast augmentation is a very reliable operation for most women in terms of delivering the aesthetic result desired. Over time, as a women’s body changes either from aging, weight change, or pregnancy and lactation, the breasts can change form. The implant itself usually remains unchanged as time passes. Although the implants remain the same as the day they were inserted, changes to the patient’s body over time sometimes results in the patient desiring further improvement. This is by far the most common reason for re operation related to breast implants.


Occasionally patients develop capsular contracture which causes their implants to become more firm and sometimes uncomfortable. This is another reason why patients require replacement of their breast implants.

Finally, if a breast implant has ruptured, it should be removed. There is always an option to leave the implants out, but most patients choose to have their implants replaced should the original implant experience a rupture.

None of the above reasons for implant replacement occur on a set timeline. Implant related problems can occur early, late, or not at all. I tell all my patients that as long as their implants are intact and they are satisfied with the aesthetic look of their breasts, they don’t need to replace them at all.