I want what she's having.

“My friend has implants under the muscle so that’s what I want.”  I hear this fairly often and occasionally this request fits with what I think will work best for the patient. At least as often it would end up providing a poor result. Why?

We all know that each woman is unique physically, and so are their breasts.  It is hard to conceive of doing just one operation for all different kinds of breasts with the expectation that somehow the result would end up looking aesthetically pleasing. One of the most important parts of the process is discussing the patient’s goals, and deciding on the best way to achieve those goals.


It is hard to overstate the importance of a customized operative plan for each patient to optimize their results. This includes implant size, profile, degree of cohesivity, incision placement, and pocket placement amongst other factors. An experienced surgeon knows how to achieve an appropriate end result based on the patient’s desires.

Knowing someone who has had a breast augment is often the means by which a woman becomes interested in learning more. It’s important to do research and educate yourself on relevant issues but it is also important to remain flexible while planning the operation with your surgeon in order to get the best results for you, not someone else.